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NDT Testing (PCN level I, level II and level III)

We provide the following Rail and non rail related Non-Destructive Testing services: 

  • Ultrasonic testing of railway axles in accordance with Railway Group standards
  • Development of Ultrasonic axle testing procedures in accordance with Railway Group standards (PCN Level III)
  • Ultrasonic testing of track for light rail/transportation systems
  • NDT operator re-assessments in accordance with Railway Group standards.
  • UT inspection of Forgings
  • NDT consultancy
  • Magnetic Phase Array inspection of material and welds to identify crack location without the need for pre cleaning
  • Eddy Current
  • Hollow Bore axles testing and procedure development and formulation. 
  • NDT specialist auditing support
  • Magnetic Particle inspection of ferrous materials
  • Dye Penetrant inspection of non ferrous materials
  • Visual inspection of welded joints

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